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How does the club work?

You become a member of the club. Then you connect to API exchange, select algorithm and the total of trades. You buy credits. Our bot trades according to the selected algorithm until there are enough credits. All profit goes to your exchange account.

3 powerful reasons

why you should register now at CoinBot.Club

Open source code

On our site you can find the open source code of one of the analyzers we trade. We are honest to ourselves and with you. Check and see that our earnings are real, not "drawn".



You do not lose anything. Just register and get tested for our bots for free. We limit the amount of trades in the trial mode to 0.001 BTC, but it does not stop seeing you how the bots are looking for a point of purchase.



Club for ourselves to improve our bots. Therefore, we present real profits and losses to understand the situation. If the bot has made a loss of -10%, the bot will also display the information. There are no profits without losses.

Last Operations via All Bots

(Updates every 4 hrs)
Pair Profit(%) Stock Transaction Date
BTC-APPC 4.614 Binance 16:44, 11 Sep 2020
BTC-GXS 7.101 Binance 18:21, 08 Sep 2020
BTC-ENJ 1.001 Binance 18:03, 30 Aug 2020
BTC-PLC 10.129 Binance 12:47, 25 Aug 2020
BTC-ANT 7.917 Binance 13:41, 23 Aug 2020
BTC-DASH 4.315 Binance 12:33, 21 Aug 2020
BTC-OMG 6.671 Binance 14:46, 20 Aug 2020

CoinBot.Club news

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Telegram Assistant

We developed our own telegram bot that allows users to use all the services in their mobile phones as comfortable as ever! Telegram grants you access to:



You can change your api keys, preferences for tradings and look up your statistic for past trades



You can search for windows from phone. This process is asyncronious so while you are waiting you could use telegram as you wish and appropriate notification will be delivered as soon as process finished



You can edit your dictionary and get notification when tweets are linked in telegram

Try our bots now for free!

All new members of the club will be able to free trial of within 7 days. *In trial mode there are restrictions in automatic trading module.Your maximal trading sum is restricted. main page Created with sketchtool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do not you use your own bot if it is profitable?

Actually, we're using bots to gain profits. They give us core profit. Profitability of 10% per month when trading in classical instruments was our stable, good result. Cryptocurrency gave us one of the most volatile markets,reworked and improved our algorithms, we were able to raise our profits from 100% per month.

CoinBot.Club allowed us to draw more people and volumes so we could create a whole trading platform and gain a lot of experience in crypto tradings sphere.

How are the profits calculated?

The bot accumulates profits at the BTC. That is, if you set the maximum bid amount of 1 BTC and the bot made + 20%. This means that at the end of the month you will have 1.2 BTC. We do not take into account the growth of the bitcoin itself; it is rather a nice bonus for all of us.

Do our bots have Stop Loss?

Yes, it is very thoughtful and dynamic. Calculated automatically. As we think, a fixed Stop Loss of 5%, 10% or more is an outdated approach by conservative traders.

BTCs under bots conrol

Conservative Bot 230.12415030
Balanced Bot 250.69885440
Aggressive Bot 404.53815167

Partners program


For the security reasons partner money will be availible for the withdraw only in 3 month after receiving. We made a simple and understandable affiliate program for the club members. Tell a friend about CoinBot.Club and get 50% of the money he will spend. The button for withdrawal will appear immediately after the first payment of your partners.

Earn at BTC when renting bots

Our projects


The minimum amount for the withdrawal is 0.05 BTC.


It is forbidden to create more than 1 account for personal purposes.


It is forbidden to carry out advertising activities using SPAM mailing in messengers, social networks or via e-mail.


Any violation of these rules may result in blocking the account.